I'm an Integrated Designer & Art Director living in London. I love developing an idea from start to finish, across the full range of touch-points, either alone or as part of a team, giving input on how to get the best from that idea and really bring it to life.

I've worked on integrated campaigns for a diverse range of brands including Guinness, Head & Shoulders, Aussie, Suzuki, Yorkshire Building Society, Jagermeister, JustEat, ADT, National Rail, Thinkbox, Oral-B, L'Oreal, Beano, Sainsbury’s, Chelsea FC, Lucky Strikes, Asylum Aid and Eurostar.

I've worked at agencies and brands including AMV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Red Brick Road, Elvis, Brave, Geometry Global, Chelsea FC, Table19, Oliver, Eurostar and The Corner. 
E: enathan91@hotmail.co.uk
LinkedIn: Eliot Nathan
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